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  • Curacoa

    Like other Caribbean domiciles Curacao provides a favourable tax, legal and regulatory climate for funds. (A tax-exempt vehicle is available for hedge funds, for example.) It also offers quick formation; it is OECD and FATF compliant etc. Curacao also has a relatively large funds administration industry.

    But unlike other Caribbean domiciles: or indeed those elsewhere; this jurisdiction is Dutch run and therefore has a different legal structure from those with a connection to the UK. In 2003 the Netherlands Antilles passed the National Ordinance for the Supervision of Investment Institutions and Administrators (NOSIIA).

    The ordinance and the supervision of funds is based on Dutch regulations and is thus similar in scope and authority to the supervision of securities and investment vehicles in Holland as supervised by the Autoriteit Financiele Markten (the 'AFM'). The intention of the AFM is to rely on NOSIIA supervision effectively allowing supervised funds to be marketed in the Netherlands.

    Curacao is the original headquarters of Citco, one of largest administrators of hedge funds. (Citco is an acronym for Curaçao International Trust Company.) Fortis, another Dutch administrator, also has a large presence on the island.

    Population (approx): 150,000

    Leading service providers known in Curacao
    • Fund administrators
    • ATC
    • Citco
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